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The Reverend Vasu Subramani,


Deacon Vasu was ordained a vocational deacon in the Diocese of New Jersey in August, 2021 and began serving St. Luke's at the end of summer. She was a deacon intern at Grace-St. Paul’s in Mercerville and Holy Apostles in Yardville. 

Deacon Vasu was born in Guyana, South America, and relocated to the United States in1990. She served on the Vestry of Church of the Incarnation in Jersey City and was active in various outreach programs.

Deacon Vasu writes, "I think I experienced my calling several years ago I was visiting a relative in hospice, as I was praying for her; I felt something in my heart, at that moment I thought it was compassion, but I knew it was more than that because this feeling is still in my heart. I believe we honor God, not with our words but with our lives; to be committed to living a life of integrity, loyalty, humility and obedience."


The Reverend Alexandra M. Van Kuiken       Priest Associate

Mother Ali comes to St. Luke's from having served two other parishes, St. Matthew's, Pennington, and her home parish, Christ Church, New Brunswick. She is a full-time chaplain at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital and serves as the hospital's liaison to community faith groups. Formerly, she was chaplain at Ann Klein Forensic Center, a psychiatric hospital for those in the criminal justice system, located in West Trenton.


Mother Ali graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2013, and from The General Theological Seminary in May, 2015. She was ordained a priest at St. Luke's in December 2015 by the Rt. Rev. William "Chip" Stokes, Bishop of New Jersey.

Mother Ali and her husband, Scott, moved to New Jersey from Western Michigan, and are now living at the rectory with their children, Willa and Rowan. Mother Ali enjoys reading, canning and crocheting. She says, "Thank you for showing Scott and me such warm hospitality."


The governance of an Episcopal congregation is shared between the Rector (or priest-in-charge) and the Vestry. The Vestry are our lay leaders.  They oversee all matter pertaining to finance and property of the church.  Members are elected to three year terms at the annual parish meeting.  The term "Vestry" comes from England in the days when parish elections were held in the vesting room off of the church (the vestry).


Officers of Vestry include the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and Clerk or Secretary.  The Wardens are also elected by the parish.  They are responsible for many administrative functions of the parish and are representatives of the parish to the Diocese.  The Senior Warden (sometimes called the "Rector's Warden") provides support and counsel to the Rector and is the administrative leader of a congregation when the Rector is absent.  The Junior Warden (sometimes called the "People's Warden") provides leadership in key areas of parish life, is a liaison between the congregation and its leadership, and steps in when the Senior Warden is not available.  The Secretary of the Vestry is elected by the Vestry and keeps the minutes and other records of Vestry meetings.  The parish also has a Treasurer, who is appointed by the Vestry.

At St. Luke's, Vestry members provide leadership and consultation in most areas of parish life.  Vestry meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm, from September to June.

Leadership: Team Members
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Leadership: Testimonials

Class of 2022
Patrice Coleman-Boatwright 
Steve Elliott 
Susan Nelson 

Class of 2023
Joseph Zesski, Senior Warden 
Mary Flamer, Jr. Warden
Joan Brame
Carol Patterson
Stuart Rich
Althea Williams

Class of 2024
Jon Burke
Pat Hawkins

Leadership: Team Members
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